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Level Up Your Physical & Mental Health!
Level Up Your Physical & Mental Health!
  • Level Up Your Physical & Mental Health!

  • The World Best Magnesium Supplement.
Over 50% Of Americans Are Magnesium Deficient
Over 50% Of Americans Are Magnesium Deficient
  • Over 50% Of Americans Are Magnesium Deficient

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Experience What Magnesium Can Do For You.

Think Clearly & Sleep Better.

Forgetting Things?

The average person has a magnesium deficiency, which can cause cognitive decline. Restore your levels & enhance cognition with the most bioavailable magnesium supplement on the market!

Trouble Sleeping?

Get the best nights sleep! Our Magnesium Triblend may just be what you need. Studies have shown that low levels of magnesium can disrupt sleep. Improve your sleep with Flux Supplements.

Stressed & Anxious?

Magnesium can help calm your nerves & promote relaxation while preventing sleeplessness. Our Triblend has 3 types of magnesium with the highest absorption rates in order to help relieve stress & give you peace of mind.

What Are You Waiting For?
Level Up Your Physical & Mental Health.

What Are You Waiting For?

Our Magnesium Triblend carries only the highest quality & most absorbable forms of magnesium in order to restore your levels for optimal brain health & physical function. Elevate your physical & mental health today with the best magnesium supplement on the planet!

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No More Muscle Cramps!

I do really like this magnesium. I was having foot and leg cramps at night even while using a magnesium glycinate product. I switched to this and now no more cramps.

Maria B.

Mental Clarity.

My neurologist recommended I take magnesium for migraines. I took regular magnesium oxide without any change and gave up. I tried these and noticed a difference within a couple weeks in mental clarity.

Owen H.

Better Sleep!

After trying many other brands I’ve finally found a quality product that has been a game changer in my sleep routine. I stay asleep longer and feel more rested when I wake. Can’t live without it now.

Sarah P.


It has been a God-sent supplement. Made a difference in my aches and my sleep always feels refreshing. I will continue taking this as long as I am on this earth, great stuff.

Christine R.

Less Anxiety.

Fantastic supplement! Helped my anxiety and muscle tightness. Feel calmer and sleep deeply.

Helen T.

Helped Headaches.

My husband has been using this stack for quite some time. I began using it for headaches and sleep and it works fabulously! I also recommended it to a friend who now uses it to control her migraines.

Sharon W.

No More Brain Fog!

This product has been great for me. I have more energy and my brain fog is gone. I am accomplishing so much more. Highly recommended!

Tamara N.